Product Spotlight - Tipperley Hill Animal Prints

Regular visitors to our shop will know that a firm favourite of ours are the colourful animal prints, which we have in our window nearly all year round, and change daily depending on the mood/weather/what's going on 'out there'. Some of them are hilarious, heartfelt, foul mouthed, motivational and astute and they are the product of best friend artists, Roz and Abi of Tipperley Hill.  Abi and Roz live in London and Leicestershire, and between them create detailed animal illustrations ranging from frogs to leopards, sheep to pumas, which are adorned with colourful shirts or floral crowns and are accompanied by an expression applied by hand in Indian Ink.  


We always choose new expressions when we order which means our collection is always changing.  There are a few of the more gin/prosecco/sweary variety that we keep re-stocking though!  Here are a few of our recent favourites - 

Tipperley Hill Flamingo Art Print



Our current collection can be found in our Animal Prints range and they are available framed or unframed - the hardest part is choosing your favourite.

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