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Our March fused glass workshop was a day of dishes! As well as coasters, some small pendents and larger window hangings, everybody made a dish, each with its own distinct style, and I wanted to share a few of them with you here. 
This grey dandelion dish is made with 'stringers', which are thin glass rods that can be broken into small pieces and assembled for a strong silhouette.
This shooting star dish is made from 'thinfire' paper, which is the only type of paper that can withstand the high temperatures of the kiln.  It can be cut to shape, and holds that shape (rather than melting) when fired. It is finished with silver flakes for a really pretty effect.
This 'J' dish is made with Indigo glass and a base.  It is layered with 'frit', which is crushed glass, into the shape of a letter and finished with a piece of clear glass to really make the colours pop.
These stunning grid dishes are made with 'stringers', which are thin rods of glass, positioned across each other.  In the alternate gaps is a layer of silver or gold flakes.  It is a really effective design.
This turquoise blue dish is more transparent than the others.  It is made with silver flakes and broken pieces of stringers for an abstract effect.
Each piece if fired twice - the first time to 'fuse' the glass together and the second time to be 'slumped' into a dish shaped mould.
YOU can make these!  Our Introduction to Fused Glass Workshop gives you all the tools and information you need to make these...and our fun and creative day of crafting here in Little Beach Boutique.

Written by Suzanne O'Leary — March 13, 2018

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