November’s Meet the Maker - We chat to Materia Rica

Recent visitors to the shop have noticed a bold, bright and colourful new addition to our jewellery collections - wooden jewellery created by Marta and Joan of Materia Rica.


They have designed and developed collections inspired by, and in celebration of, different themes, ideas and artists to create collectible, meaningful and wearable pieces that make a statement, such as these beautiful Art Deco inspired necklaces.


We chat to them about their company and their process - their passion for what they do is infectious!


Joan and Marta of Materia Rica

Tell us about what you make...

In Materia Rica we live, feel and get carried away by art. That is why we combine technology and craftsmanship in order to create jewelery and objects that embellish your everyday life. Through them, we would like you to find your own formula to show yourself and express a bold and inquisitive outlook on life.

How did you start out?

Hi! We are Marta and Joan, the founders of Materia Rica, and both of us are art enthusiasts.

Our brand was born by the Thames in the district of Shoreditch in East London. Its busy streets, it’s one thousand and one museums, its artists’ markets and its street art awoke our appetite for creation.

(Marta’s voice)

In 2010 I gathered my brushes and started to design pendants and earrings. I used to sell them in the Brick Lane market and it was there where I discovered handcraft, a movement that captivated me and which stands for more sustainable types of production and consumption.

(Joan’s voice)

Then it was my turn; thanks to my passion for technology, I found a way to put it at the service of Marta’s collections, always preserving the artistic and artisan value of each of her creations, and I succeeded!

And so, our brand Materia Rica was born and within it we create necklaces, earrings and different types of objects in our workshop in Barcelona.


Our main purpose is to make beauty accessible with each of our pieces, so that you can enjoy art everyday and express yourself through it.

What is your inspiration?

In Materia Rica we want to involve you in a revolutionARTY movement, to inspire your heART, to be your counterpART, to kickstART your empowerment ... It is our purpose for you to enjoy art everyday so that you can express yourself through it. We would like you to wear art with our collections of jewelery, that art becomes part of your everyday life.

Art is the birthright of everyone, that is why our creations are outstanding and innovative, only for the boldest. Through them we want you to connect with your genuineness and to claim your unique personality. Each collection is a new opportunity to do it and to discover a new way to see the world. Be inquisitive, be bold and art will fill your life.

What is your favourite product in your range?

We love all our ranges and there's not one product better than another. 

If we had to choose one, I would say a couple of earrings we have at our loving doves range

Blue freedom and Freedom at dawn embody really well our outlook in life, freedom and art for you to fly and live freely.

What is an ideal day off for you?

We love taking a day off and going by the beach, the sea has a special energy that give us so much physical and mental space.

What other artists & makers do you love?

We love lot's of makers and artists that we met during the years we lived in the Uk, we met really gifted people in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona also. It'd be hard to give two or three names. 

Artists that have inspired are: Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse & David Hockney.

Marta Chojnacka is cofounder here at Materia Rica and I would love to invite you to see and comment on her artworks.


What advice would you give other people starting a creative career? 

Be passionate, develop multi skills and ask a lot of questions. 

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work many hours and in different conditions. 

If you love what you do, you will not have working days or days off.

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