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I am delighted to see Little Beach Boutique featured in Psychologies Magazine this Spring! In a feature called 'My Life, My Way', I talk about changing career from being a support worker to becoming a self-employed shopkeeper and how I found glass fusion along the way.  
The focus of the piece is about becoming self-employed and what lessons I learnt along the way.  The main challenge was becoming my own boss and learning to let myself make mistakes.  Opening the shop came with an enormous learning curve, I feel like I made it up as I went along, giving myself a hard time if things weren't going well, as if I had to 'get it right' straight away, but I have learnt that it is an ongoing process.  
Since the article came out, I have had received lots of messages from people saying they have felt the same, but they are keen to take the plunge and pursue their own creative career and I am so pleased the article has had an impact!
There are some lovely photos of the shop and some mentions of the designers and makers we sell, as well as images of our glass making workshop and tables and fittings made from pallet wood.  It really captures the essence of the shop and the story behind what we do. I would love to know what you think of the article of if you are thinking about changing direction! 
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Suzanne gives an interview to Psychologies Magazine about setting up Little Beach Boutique
Little beach Boutique is featured in Psychologies Magazine this monthRead my story about changing career from a support worker to a shopkeeper
Read our feature 'My Life My Way' in Psychologies Magazine

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