Just a card week in Little Beach Boutique

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"Every time you buy something from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance"

This week was all about 'Just a Card' in Little Beach Boutique, as well lots of other independent shops in Brighton.

The idea of JUST A CARD came from artist and designer Sarah Hamilton, who had read a quote by shopkeepers who had recently closed their gallery, saying "If everyone who had complemented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card, we'd still be open".

This week was Just A Card week, bringing small, creative businesses together and celebrating what they do. 

Just a card week at Little Beach Boutique celebrating independent shops and small businesses

With daily challenges on Instagram, it gave small businesses a chance to come out from behind the counter or camera, introduce themselves, tell their story and champion their creative community.  Day five concluded with encouraging everyone to film themselves doing a 'Happy Dance'!

But we don't need much encouragement to do that here in Little Beach Boutique - Pop over to our Facebook page to see us doing it!  

It was a really positive week - we got to hear about lots of other creatives, designers, makers and shopkeepers running their own successful independent business in these- often challenging -times. 



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