Our Spring Fused Glass Workshops

We have hosted a few fused glass workshops in the past couple of weeks - our regular ‘Introduction to Fused Glass’ sessions, as well as some groups of friends booking the space, and their own glass-making session, to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

 We had some lovely feedback on Trip Advisor from one attendee, Kim - 

A day of glass fusion. Suzanne could not have been more patient, generous and encouraging. Everything was explained so well. Made lots of pieces. A really fantastic workshop for all abilities.” Date of experience: March 2019

Here are some pictures of their creations, assembled cold before going in the kiln - everyone finds their own style, using the different pieces of glass, powders and metal inclusions on offer...
Glass pieces ready to go in the kiln in our workshop at Little Beach Boutique
All the glass and metal fuses together and changes texture and often colour.
The fired pieces are often a surprise! They can be 'slumped’ into small dishes, or used as coasters - they can also be framed, like this one - and you can choose your own words or poetry to go on the mount - full of the colours of spring...
Colourful Spring flower glass picture made in our recent glass fusion workshop
Our next fused glass workshop is in April, but do contact us if you have a small group of people who would like their own session.

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