Getting ready for 'Christmas'...

Well, for all of us, it has been a very strange year, and continues to be so.  We are not sure what this Christmas will be like and it is difficult for everybody to make plans. We have put out some of our Christmas collections even earlier this year, knowing that many people will need to send their gifts in the post to people they might not be seeing in person.  Everything in our shop is available in our Christmas Edit here on our website and can be hand-delivered for free in Brighton and Hove, and posted worldwide.

Here are some of our favourite festive ideas to set the scene. 


These stunning porcelain trees glow with light shining though tiny holes, creating a beautiful ambience.  Created by Rader and available in two sizes. 

Rader Porcelain Light House

These lighthouses by Rader shine with a tea-light candle and create a cosy and calming atmosphere.

Plantable Christmas Cards for sending in the post

These plantable Christmas cards are packed with wildflower seeds, which can be kept until Spring and put in the ground, instead of throwing in landfill.   We can write any message you like in the card and include it in your parcel, or send it on it's own.

Lockdown Christmas decoration

And it might not be one to remember, but it will certainly be memorable, so we have these handmade ceramic Christmas baubles stamped with the words Lockdown Christmas 2020, perfect to posting to those people who love to collect decorations.

Bye for now x

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