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For the last couple of days, while we are temporarily closed, I have been busy in the workshop making up some glass orders that have come through our website - and I thought I would film myself so you can see how they are made! This might be of particular interest to people who have been on our fused glass workshops and bought their own can do this at home!

Find Little beach Boutique glass tutorials on you tube

All of the glass is available from Bullseye.

The first video I posted shows how to make a spring flower effect in a fused glass tile using different types of glass.

I use - 2 x 3mm clear tekta / Fine Pumpkin Orange frit / Sunflower yellow frit / 1mm aventurine green stringers / Aventurine green confetti / Fine aqua blue frit

I decorate the first layer with the blue frit and add the stringers for the stems.  I then sprinkle the yellow and orange frit into clumps to create 'flowerheads' - and repeat the process on the top layer to convey some depth when it is fired.

The second film shows how I make beach hut tile pictures using 2 x 3mm clear tekta glass / 2mm indigo opal / 0.9 mm copper wire / Copper leaf / White Confetti / Fine white frit

I start with copper leaf, which goes turquoise blue when it is fired between the sheets of glass.  I arrange that first and then place the pre-cut beach huts on the first layer.  I have twisted copper wire into the shapes of birds, which will fire a dark red and look like seabirds in the sky.  For extra details, I twist some wire and put in underneath the beach huts, and when it is fired, it will create movement within the glass and looks like they are perched on something!

I fire these pieces to 790*C which will melt into smooth, rounded tiles, perfect for framing and writing your own personal message underneath.

Both of these can be made in our fused glass workshops.  I am currently selling gift vouchers which will be valid for at least 12 months while we wait for this period of social distancing to end. 

I hope you're all staying safe and well!

Bye for now x

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