December’s Meet the Maker - We chat to Corinne Taylor

If you are anything like us, winter is about regrouping, restoring and taking moments to replenish your energy levels after a busy year. For a while, we have been looking for a range of natural, cruelty free and vegan bath and body products that would feel luxurious to use, relax the senses, and make a perfect gift for yourself or someone you want to treat to a dose of home pampering.

When we met Brighton based aromatherapist Corinne Taylor and her partner Dan in September, we realised we had found just the products and have been delighted to be stocking some of their range for the last few months.  We chatted to them and asked them to feature on our blog for the last month  of the year...

We chat to Corinne Taylor on our blog this month 

Tell us about what you make…

We make 100% natural, aromatherapy products for bath, body and home. Our range includes Himalayan crystal bath salts & body scrubs, soy aromatherapy candles, mists for both body & home, body oils, botanical face masks, hair care and eco friendly luxury gift boxes. Our products are scented only with essential oils. Each ingredient is chosen for a specific therapeutic purpose. We use only natural and organic ingredients and our full range is certified cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

How did you start out?

After training to become an aromatherapist and working in my first holistic therapy job, I was amazed to learn first hand the benefits of essential oils by using them with my clients through massage. I then began to experiment by making products containing essential oils to compliment my treatments, such as bath salts to de stress or boost energy. Soon friends and family wanted to buy them and we started selling at a market stall at weekends. My partner Dan had worked previously as a graphic designer, so was able to create all of the labels and banners, whilst I worked on the product blends. After a few months we launched our Etsy store with our initial range, then around a year later we launched our website. Now five years on we have expanded into wholesale supplying over 50 retailers in the UK and internationally. 

Nourishing body oil by Corinne Taylor



What is your inspiration?

I am inspired by nature and holistic living. My biggest inspiration has been through my holistic therapy work and learning about essential oils and natural ingredients. Through my research and development, I also began to realise that the majority of skincare and home fragrance products are full of harmful chemicals and toxins as well as containing unsustainable and unethical ingredients. We wanted to create a different option for the more ethically minded amongst us, that will have a positive effect on not only people's wellbeing, but on the environment. 

What is your favourite product in your range?

It would probably be our Aromatherapy Room & Linen Mists. I love how they can instantly change the atmosphere of a room, as well as your mood. I use them every day around our home, workshop & office space and even over my clothes! 



Corinne Taylor Linen and Room Mist

What is an ideal day off for you?

It would definitely start with a lie in, as I get up very early in the week and work long days! I love to drink tea in bed whilst doing some reading. Then a nice big breakfast of my favourite banana pancakes. I love going into nature so it would involve a nice long walk with my partner Dan, somewhere in the South Downs or along the coast. Then a nice long lunch out with friends or family. The day would finish with a cosy evening in with a film by the fire and nice home cooked meal. 

What other makers or small businesses do you love?

Some of my favourite small businesses are Brighton Lace, Little Deer, Georganics and Proper Copper Design. They are local to Sussex and have unique products with a focus on sustainability which I love. 

What advice would you give other people developing their own products or running their own business?

I think it’s important to develop a clear brand and to be visible online, so putting yourself out there on social media is essential. Learn from your mistakes and setbacks, these are often the most important opportunities for growth. Surround yourself with positive people who will help inspire and motivate you. Finally, I think it’s really important to be building a business around something that you are truly passionate about. 

What great advice!

If you would like to treat yourself, some selected Corinne Taylor products are available here.

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