Create a cosy corner on a cool evening...

It has been a record breaking summer, with long sunny days for weeks on end, but - for now at least -  the cooler evenings have got us thinking about the months ahead. Think warm feet, a beautiful candle and some soft lighting.

This essential oil candle by Nathalie Bond Organics has warming tones of cedarwood and the uplifting scent of orange.  Made from soy wax, these candles burn more cleanly and for longer than traditional wax candles, up to 35 hours. 


Soy Canlde by Nathalie Bond Organics

These soft felt sheep slippers are ideal for cosy evenings at home.  Made from soft New Zealand wool, they have been enduringly popular here at Little Beach Boutique - people come back each year for a new pair or to try out a new style. By far our favourite design are the sheep, with curly fringing around the edges, they feel warm and cosy as soon as your feet pour into them.


Handmade felt sheep slippers available online or in store at Little Beach Boutique


We have some new parchment paper lighting designs which create a soft glow and add gentle elegance to a room.  This avocet lamp has understated neutral tones and creates a coastal feel to your room.


Avocet Lamp, soft parchment paper lighting from Little Beach Boutique


We have the lighting, the scent, the comfort, so how about a warm drink to sit back and enjoy it with?  These “From Brighton with Love” mugs are the perfect size for a warm beverage and bring a bit of Brighton to your home, wherever you are, with the cheeky ‘Oscar the Seagull’ design on the reverse... 


From Brighton with Love Seagull mug from Little Beach Boutique

Oscar the seagull mug from Little Beach Boutique

The warm weather might be back, but if it isn’t we’re ready!

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