Autumn Fused Glass Workshop creations

Beach Hut Light catching panel handmade in our fused glass workshop

We hosted a small group fused glass workshop for a 60th birthday celebration on Saturday.  It was a complete surprise for the birthday girl, who had no idea she was doing it.  She had spent the morning with her family, first doing the Brighton Sewer Tour, then going on the bungee jump on the seafront.  By the time she arrived hrere, she didn’t know what to expect next! 

She soon relaxed into the surprise and started making her own beautiful glass pieces with her three children, none of whom had ever  made anything from glass before either. The picture above shows her main piece, which is a free-standing beach hut panel, full of colour and texture.  

Made with colourful cut sheet glass, layers of copper leaf and small pieces of broken glass called frit, it is all fired together to fully fuse and form a smooth and tactile finish.  It has been fired a second time, into a mould so that it can stand up by itself.  It transmits the light beautifully, with some bubbles and transparency through the copper leaf - perfect for a windowsill or a sunny bathroom shelf.

We have one space left on our next workshop, on the 23rd September.  You can book online or visit us in store.

The next available date is October 14th - or why not book your own private group workshop with some friends, family or colleagues?  Contact us to find out more! 


Bye for now!


Suzanne x

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