August’s Meet the Maker - We Talk to Kat from Misskukie

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One of the many things I love about being an independent retailer is getting to know the people behind our products. I first met Kat of Misskukie Designs three years ago after she came into the shop to show me her jewellery collection as a potential range for the shop . 

Based near Brighton in leafy Hurstpierpoint, Kat runs her business from home, where she lives with her husband and two dogs.  Her collection includes delicate, minimal and statement pieces which can be worn alone or layered for an individual look. 

Working with independent designers such as Misskukie Jewellery at Little Beach Boutique

We started to meet up for coffee, she would bring her latest collections and I would hand-pick her pieces as she talked me through her inspiration behind the range. What a lovely way of doing ‘business’!

Her pieces have become a permanent draw and a bestseller here at LBB. At Christmas, she hosted a pop-up shop on our late night shopping evening where she got to meet her customers face to face - perhaps she will be back again this year!

We asked her about Misskukie Designs, how she began, her inspiration, and what advice she would give to others. This is what she said- 


This month we talk to Kat from Misskukie Jewellery


Tell us about what you make...

Misskukie Jewellery specialises in delicate modern gold jewellery for everyday wear. Our collections include Anklets, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces and Rings.

How did you start out?

It was a hobby that turned into a slight obsession that I turned into a job!

What is your inspiration?

Anything and everything, inspiration can appear at the most unexpected moment. But generally other creatives give me a real buzz, feeding off their passions is elevating.

What is your favourite product in your range?

Everything of course ; )

What is an ideal day off for you?

A day on or in the water, lake or sea.

What other artists & makers do you love?

Oh there are so many …. to name a few, Marie Sahy - Illustrator, Modern Mud  - Ceramics, Hattie Maud - Illustrator, Liquorice Moon Studios - Ceramics, Lola Donoghue - Art, Yuka by Guliz - Jewellery

There are hundreds more. I find Etsy to be a great online source of independent creatives with amazing range of products.

What advice would you give other people starting a creative career?

Know your brand - build on your brand. It's the most valuable attribute you have, products and services can be copied but your brand is entirely unique to you.

Never undervalue the worth of your work. Don't be afraid to charge for your efforts accordingly.

Prepare yourself for set backs and no's. (there are no failures, just lessons to be learned) Resilience and determination is key.

Surround yourself with other small biz entrepreneurs and grow together by collaborating, sharing advice and brainstorming.


Sound advice - thanks Kat!  Next month we will speak to Fenella Smith about her design and process. 

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