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Just in time for the drop in temperature, we now have a kiln in Little Beach Boutique, so we can fire our glass in the shop - AND it will keep us toasty!


All our glass is made individually by hand.  We use a mixture of different materials - sheet glass, metal inclusions, enamel and a few surprise 'ingredients' which we fire up to 800*C.  

The possibilities with glass are endless, and the outcome is often a surprise - we have lots of one-off pieces in Little Beach Boutique that could never be re-created!


These are going to be glass pendents.  They have been fired once as a block, made up of several layers of sheet glass, then cold-worked.  I have layered decal silhouettes over them and they are ready to be kiln-fired again.


If you would like to learn more about fused glass, or see how it's done, pop into Little Beach Boutique and take a peek.


In the meantime, look out for our new ranges of glass pendents, which will go online when they're finished.






Written by Suzanne O'Leary — October 14, 2013

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