Visit to our felt slipper workshop in Nepal

Last week I travelled to Nepal to visit the workshop where our fabulous felt slippers are made. 


I first visited Nepal as a volunteer in 2009, and bought the locally made felt slippers as gifts for people at home.


When I opened Little Beach Boutique, these beautiful slippers were at the forefront of my mind as something our potential customers would love.


I returned to Nepal just before opening the shop in 2011 and met Ramji Adhikari and his wife, Usha who design and make the slippers in their home-based workshop in the Kathmandu Valley, with a small team of about 15 local crafters. 


It was a treat to re-visit where the slippers are made, discuss new design ideas with Ramji,  and learn more about the process involved in felting. 


Me, Ramji and his wife Usha


His home-based workshop is paved with beautiful bright wool dyed vivid colours, then  washed with soap and water, worked and shaped over wooden shoe sizers, cut to size and hung to dry naturally in the Nepalese sunshine, before having added character sewn in by hand. 


The view from outside Ramji's home/workshop


The slippers being washed and shaped



Here you can see the slippers drying in the sun...  



We came up with some exciting new design ideas, so watch this space!  


We would also love to hear what other designs our customers would like to see, so please feel free to get in touch.


Bye for now x


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